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At Rhythm Massage Development, we design a range of unique and original training courses and webinars specifically for massage therapists. Focal areas include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Palliative Care and Therapists Self Care.

Self Care for Massage Therapists and Body Workers

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The Importance of Self Care

Self care for Therapists is essential

Performing massage can be draining. As therapists, we’ve all been there. Ever wanted to learn ways to protect yourself and maintain your practice for the long haul?

Just two years. That’s the working lifespan of massage therapists, according to recent research. Another survey indicated that 80% of therapists who start in body work simply drop out after the two year mark also. The main causes cited are that hands (particularly thumbs) give out, and many therapists realize too late they don't have the physical stamina to do the work.

So what’s going on here?

As the profile of massage in the community shifts more in line with the western medical model, health insurance companies need to see measurable results before they are willing to reimburse your clients. While this evolution certainly represents a big step forward for massage therapists and body workers, it also brings increasing pressure on the practitioner – you – to produce and perform at consistently high levels.

The range of techniques that will produce quantifiable results is often limited to pressure-intensive strokes. This type of work has proven to be harmful to therapists. The small repetitive movements and enormous pressure required puts us in a very high risk situation.

You can be your own worst enemy.

It's Time to Turn That Around

The body should be a Therapist's greatest asset

Learn to be your greatest asset, and keep it that way. Self care for massage therapists and body workers is not about one particular idea or action that will prevent injury or burnout. It is a complex subject with many facets that need to be examined. This includes massage-specific exercises, nutrition, dynamic and static stretching, body mechanics, client-practitioner interpersonal dynamics, and safely managing your workplace and client schedule.

This course is designed to stop you becoming one of the statistics of the massage industry. You’ll learn how to best take care of yourself so that you can be successful in your practice, increase the longevity of your career and find greater enjoyment from the work that you do.

Let’s reverse the idea of massage as a 'tissue industry' – the idea being that therapists swiftly get used up and then thrown out. In one 8 hour session, you’ll examine the issues with performing massage and become equipped with the knowledge to protect your main asset.

You owe this to yourself and the hours of training that have been invested in your career. After all, how can you treat effectively and enjoy your work with discomfort in your bodies and environment? 

MMA 10CPE points

ATMS 8 CPE points

I was very excited when I came across Michelle’s self care course. At the time, I was only just starting my career in massage...it taught me everything I needed to know and will ensure that I have a long term career in my chosen profession.
— Amanda Curtis, Melbourne, Australia



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