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At Rhythm Massage Development, we design a range of unique and original training courses and webinars specifically for massage therapists. Focal areas include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Palliative Care and Therapists Self Care.

The palliative connection

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"Someday, somehow those of you reading this are going to die. In fact everyone not reading this is going to die as well. Everyone you know or have ever met will also be dying. Indeed what a great and final equalizer death is for there is not one person on this planet, rich or poor, privileged or downtrodden who will not be dying once their 'living' is done. And if it is the ONLY thing beside birth we know we will ALL be doing why it is so hard to talk about, read about, think about and deal with, particularly in this westernized world that most of you readers are living in? Perhaps it could be suggested that because of this westernized world we live in death has become hidden, never talked about and rarely celebrated. Both as human beings and massage therapists this fact is certainly food for thought."

The Palliative Connection is a three part webinar series that will look at the various concepts associated with palliative care. There will a pre webinar introductory  sessions on Friday 1st, 8th and 15th December as a way of introducing the material to be covered. The webinar series will begin on January 19th and will run for three consecutive Fridays (19th, 26th and 2nd Feb) and will cover concepts around massage and palliative care with an emphasis on understanding how massage fits into the palliative care model and what the current research suggests about it's benefits.

To sign up for this ground breaking program simply head over to the registration page and enrol. Upon receipt of enrolment confirmation you will be forwarded links via email to each of the webinars. Cost will be $99 for the entire series and a certificate of completion will be awarded at the conclusion.

ATMS 3 CPE points

" I thought last week was amazing... this week was just mind blowing! I'm thrilled to be able to be putting some of these "suggestions" into practice with my clients already, working with cancer and stroke patients has opened up this fragile mortal world to them, and to me, and this course is really helping me to understand a whole lot more what they are "going through", and to "not put my foot in my mouth and say the wrong things". I really appreciate this whole info teaching you are sharing!"

Michelle Deans - Melbourne




Three Webinars Included:

  1. How We Deal With Death in the West

  2. The Palliative Care Landscape

  3. Where Does Massage and Bodywork Fit in Palliative Care?

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