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  • What is MLD?

    MLD is a very specific massage technique (timing, pressure and direction) which helps to ensure our bodies ability to rejuvenate and establish resistance to all types of stress.

  • Is MLD like deep tissue massage?

    It is not a muscular massage but a harmonious manual treatment using mild mechanical stretching of the connective tissue to facilitate decongestion of lymph ducts.

  • What will MLD bring My clients?

    MLD allows regenerative fluid to flow and improves circulation and toxin removal as well as carrying vital substances to areas where it is needed, thus hastening healing times.

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In the classroom

Michelle is a passionate educator. (Read more about her passion here) She endeavors to bring that passion to the classroom everytime she presents.
She believes that teaching is a collaboration of both teacher and student.

The role of the teacher is to support the student to grow into their learning, and the role of the student is to be curious, ask questions and apply their knowledge in the outside world.

Michelle has 3 live workshops that build the cornerstone of her teaching. Combining her passions and her skills. 

First is Manual Lymphatic Drainage For Your Everyday Clinical Practice, this designed to give Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers the necessary tools to understand and apply this gentle yet powerful technique to their clients as soon as they finish the workshop. 

Unlike, other MLD techniques, Michelle has designed the training to be able to apply in a number of different circumstances - not JUST when the lymph system is not working correctly. 

We support you to get the most your of your course

We use a blend of online learning to enhance your LIVE in the classroom experience. This means that we deliver PRE and POST course information via our online school.

  • Join Michelle for a pre-course theory webinar to help give you clarity around the material to be presented at the workshop.

  • Pre and post course support in our private facebook community. Join 300+ other Lymphomaniacs!! Talk about your experiences, ask questions, get support.

  • Once you've completed MLD level 1 you will be invited to join our International network of practitioners.

Where will we bo hosting you?

Gold Coast

Firm N Fold Showroom - 18 Leda Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
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Where will we bo hosting you?


  • What style of MLD is this?

    This style of MLD is my own unique way to deliver it. Over the years I worked on many clients and saw results and was able to see what works and what doesn’t. It is tried and tested, and it considers the complete comfort of both the therapist and the client during the delivery.

  • How is it different?

    It is different to other styles in the sequence of the delivery and also in the fact that it considers a very important element, that being the comfort of the practitioner.

  • Why two days instead of the usual four/five days?

    The reality is that other courses are longer as there is more practice time in class for each sequence. In my two-day course each sequence is guided through one practice and then the onus is on you to keep up the practice once the class is done. There are excellent resources to support students post class so that routines are not lost.

  • Why study with Rhythm?

    I love teaching. I love helping students to understand their own potential and seeing that ‘ah ha’ moment inspires me to do a great job of delivering this course – every time! I have been teaching this for over 17 years and I am still in contact with students from many years ago – assisting them to feel supported and assisted with any tricky client situations that may arise for them.

  • What can I expect to learn?

    By the end of this two-day certification course, you’ll possess the ability to understand and perform a full lymphatic drainage with confidence and skill.

  • Can I claim Education Credits with my association?

    Absolutely. The MLD 2 day course has been designated with the following points from the major Australian and International Associations: MMA - 20 AMT - 70 ATMS - 12 ANTA - 15 RMTA - 12 NHPC - 15 MTANS - 8 MTAS - 16 MTAA - 17

  • Do we issue certificates of attendance?

    Yes, certificates with the name of the student, course title, location and date are provided within the first week post completion of the course.

  • Do I need to know about physiology and anatomy especially of the lymphatic system to participate in the course?

    While having a grasp on anatomy and physiology is great, part of the course material is to cover the lymphatic system, the supporting structures and how the systems work. As part of your enrolment in the MLD live workshop, we have an online component that covers the theory of the anatomy of the lymph system. This is a comprehensive 2 part video series, where Michelle walks you through all the things you need to know. The best part of this is that you can review these videos at your own pace and as much as you like both pre and post workshop. Many of our students have said that this is an amazing support to them feeling like they can come to the classroom with a grasp of the necessary underpinning knowledge.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Level 1 - Gold Coast - 2nd & 3rd November 2019
  • 2
    Your Two day hands on course will follow!
    • MLD - Course Manual - Be sure to download this!

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