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"If I was, to sum up how I approach the teaching space, I would say that I take it very seriously but that I also get excited anticipating the fun and the challenge that it will be. I guess that is why I can say without a shadow of sarcasm or bitterness that I love my job. It isn’t really a job, it is more of an experience, and having used that particular noun I want to make sure that it is not just that for me but for my students as well."
From Where I Stand

We're glad you're on the journey with us.

Each in-classroom experience is unique to the students and teacher who show up on the day. At Rhythm, we have immense respect and gratitude for each and every student who attend our workshops and endeavor to bring a level of professionalism and joy to the continuing professional education experience.

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to learning, and we are excited that you have choices to spend your money and your time working with us to improve your skills.   

Michelle and her team of hand-selected instructors bring a range of talents and skills to the classroom. This allows students to feel fully supported in their learning.    

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What our Students are saying...

Firstly I want to thank you for that great course last weekend.
You are the most amazing teacher, and gorgeous energy!
In all my years at Uni and postgrad courses, I cannot recall anyone so engaging, skilful and  dedicated to training all students.
It was a phenomenal experience.

Helen, Tweed heads

"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful journey I've had this weekend listening to your instruction, enjoying every moment of your interactive course that made it so interesting and easy to absorb. I must admit I've enjoyed listening to the way you've delivered the learning process like never before... Even though the course was very complicated and very confusing but thanks to your knowledge and experience that made it so interesting and easy to comprehend."

Saad Saab

"I enjoyed your course immensely. Your style was engaging in a fun and relaxed way and got us to remember key points of MLD by way of very fun and non-threatening quiz. This course could have been a boring and tiresome but you have completely reversed this. THANK YOU, MICHELLE, and come back soon!!"

Kimi Callister

"Thankyou so much for blowing my mind with such light touch!"

Beth Spriggs

"Thanks :-) Ur the best teacher ever had ;-) "

Hiroki Amagaya

"I wanted to let you know that I was so thrilled with your workshop. You are the best presenter I have come across to date. So knowledgeable, informative, positive and fun, but at the same time expecting good practice. I really was so impressed and thank you so much."

Kate Kennedy

"I attended the course you just did on the weekend in Sydney. I wanted to thank you again as I really loved it and found it so inspiring. You're an amazing teacher!"

Rachel Duff

"Thank you for an amazing weekend of learning. I have to acknowledge your great teaching ability Michelle, a great mix of technical, laymans terms, serious, fun and even with this size class you made it personal by the time & support you gave each one of us. This weekend was shared with a lovely group of massage therapist, which contributed to the great weekend. There was a lovely aura within the room. Thanks again for making my introduction to LDM one that has got my attention and interest."

Sue Tenkorang

"I was present at your excellent course last weekend. Thank you for your authentic person and engaging style. I have had an interest in MLD for many years and was excited to finally be starting my journey...I was a bit overwhelmed at the course, so much info and techniques, in so little time!"

Keturah Stoltenberg

"The NAoB beauty department thoroughly enjoyed our 2 day MLD training course. Michelle was  very organised and engaged us from start. She is passionate about her industry and dedicated to giving her students a positive, professional and welcoming environment to learn in. Michelle shared a huge amount of knowledge with our team during our 2 sessions, and taught us the MLD procedure in a clear, concise way. Her theory based explanations and practical demonstrations ensured we had all the tools to be able to perform a successful treatment. The passion that Michelle has for MLD really shone through and inspired our beauty training team."

Hannah Wade

"Michelle’s knowledge and passion for MLD has inspired me to further my studies within the modality.  Coming from a sports/remedial background I have been ignorant in the past of the profound results MLD can make, assisting my treatment plans further. I am a trainer and assessor myself and it was an absolute pleasure to be educated by such an inspirational woman. Her people skills and empathy towards students and clients alike are something most therapists and trainers can take lessons form. I especially loved that ALL questions – including the left of field tough ones were recognised and were always answered with elaborate and informative responses that were clear and concise. All learner types were catered for (V,A,K) and Michelle’s professional success and continuing motivation to learn more herself is a testament to the quality of therapists and educator she is. Thank you."

Neroli Tomlinson – Victoria University Educator

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