How I came to be here....

After many years of successfully building, growing and managing businesses, there came a point where I just knew I had to make a change and really pursue something that I could make not only a career out of but also contribute to society in a meaningful way.

That something for me was Massage.

The first experiences of massage therapy came to me like it does for so many others, I needed it!

As a martial artist with many years of training and a black belt I had used massage as a way to keep training, without manual therapy I would not have lasted in Karate.

Massage was where I would truly discovered my purpose in career and contribution to others.

During the course of my formal training I started a small home-based practice and slowly but surely built up a regular and loyal client base. I had a special interest in Manual Lymphatic Drainage mostly because I could see that there were so many situations that I could use MLD for when other massage modalities would be contraindicated. I also wanted to pursue MLD because there were very few therapists using it and that would make my business unique.

I was using it everyday.

Over time I saw incredible results and felt that MLD need not be a stand-alone routine. It could be used for so many pathologies and in so many situations. I was using it every day and came to specialise in this modality.

Now after 17 years of being a therapist and educator in massage here in Australia at Victoria University and through my own business Rhythm Massage Development and Education. I’m privileged to teach and lecture in many parts of the world and have accreditations with all the major massage associations in Australia, Canada, America and most recently the UK.

Join us in the online school or in a classroom experience.

I have managed to share this modality with thousands of students worldwide over the years and that is perhaps my greatest achievement – because as I always say in the classroom if everyone in the world received just one MLD we would live in a significantly less toxic and stressed out world!

I love what I do, I am passionate about what I deliver, and I am proud of what I have achieved.I look forward to seeing you in the classroom or in the online school really soon!