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  • Review over and over

    Mastery of a technique takes practice. The online course provides you lifetime access to the MLD technique modules. Giving you the ability to keep your techniqe sharp and honed for years to come.

  • Designed with you in mind

    Your body is the conduit to best supporting your clients. The online course shows you how to position both your hands and your body to help create both a powerful treatment and keep your body performing well.

  • Anchored in science

    Heart-centered and science-informed. We believe that therapists can work with research-driven techniques, that support their desire to give the very best to their clients.

What our student are saying...

Rachelle Whithead Duff

Most useful course I've paid for so far...

Rachelle Whithead Duff

I've just finished your online course and wanted to tell you how helpful it is. It's so great to be able to go back and watch it again and again to help build my confidence with doing it on other people. I find I come home from a client and watch a section again to make sure I got it right!... it's been the most useful course I've paid for so far in 23 years, so totally worth it! Kind regards Rachelle

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Manual Lymphatic Drainage for your everyday clinical practice
    • Welcome to the online course
    • MLD - Manual
  • 2
    MLD Theory
    • Theory - The foundation of Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Part 1
    • Theory - The Foundation of Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Part 2
    • Theory Quiz
  • 3
    MODULE ONE - The Starting Sequence.
    • Draping for MLD
    • The Starting Sequence
    • The Starting Sequence Quiz
  • 4
    MODULE TWO - The Arms
    • The Arm Sequence
    • The Arm Sequence Quiz
  • 5
    MODULE THREE - The Chest Sequence
    • The Chest Sequence
    • The Chest Sequence Quiz.
  • 6
    MODULE FOUR - The Abdomen Sequence
    • The Abdomen
    • The Abdomen Sequence Quiz.
  • 7
    MODULE 5 - The Leg Sequence
    • The Leg Sequence
    • The Leg Sequence Quiz.
  • 8
    MODULE 6 - The Face Sequence
  • 9
    Final Thank You
    • Thank you for joining us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Online

  • How do I access the course

    MLD - Online is hosted via our learning platform. You will require a computer, and access the internet to get started. We recommend Google Chrome as the best browser to experience the course fully. Once you purchase the course you will receive log in information on how to access your learning dashboard. From there you can access any and all of your courses you're enrolled in with Rhythm Massage Development and Education.

  • How many times can I view the course?

    You can watch and view every video as many times as you like.

  • Can I claim Education Credits with my association?

    You sure can! We are working hard to get the online course recognised with all the major Australian and International Associations. The Associations that have designated points are as follows: MMA - 15 points AMT - 5 points per module (total 35) ATMS - 6 points MTANS - 8 points

  • When is the best time to take this course?

    There are a couple of different ways to take this course - most students enroll in this after they have completed the MLD Level 1 two day in the classroom course. Other students who are either enrolled in the course or have some previous training in lymphatic drainage take this course as a lead in to the classroom experience or as a refresher to enhance previous skills and knowledge.