Policies & Procedures

Filming in the classroom Rhythm Massage has a dedicated YouTube channel available for enrolled students where the ‘in-class’ sequences are available to view:  


As such, there is no recording permitted during the classroom experience. 

There are several reasons for this but primarily the recording of modules takes students away from listening, understanding and seeing how the sequences are delivered. The delivery is very specific and unique to MLD and takes concentration and attention to really grasp the intricacies. 

For anyone that wishes to take their learning to the next level and really get a close up of exactly what has been learned in the course, there are also SPECIFIC individual sequence modules available to purchase either individually or as a complete set.

These modules have been professionally filmed with multiple cameras and excellent sound quality to allow for the hand movements and stances to be conveyed clearly to the student. These modules are built SPECIFICALLY to support the course material. The value of the course is in watching and performing the MLD sequences and this is difficult to fully grasp from behind the lens of a phone camera. 

Enrollment will be confirmed via email once full payment has been received through the Pay Pal option on the website.

Refunds and Cancellations: 
If for any reason Rhythm Massage has to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances a FULL REFUND will be given to all enrolled students.
There will also be an option for transferring enrollments to the next available course of the student wishes to do so. If a student experiences an emergency and therefore inability to attend the course a full refund will be given.

All complaints will be dealt with in a timely and confidential manner. Please call or email Michelle to register your complaint, which will receive a response and resolution within 48 hours. Email: mich@rhythmmassage.com.au Phone: 0411 708 623